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Twirly Skirts July 2, 2010

Filed under: girls' clothes — faithandfamily @ 1:19 am

My oldest daughter LOVES twirly skirts and dresses. In fact, she judges the quality of a skirt or dress mostly on whether it “spins” or not. So, I was really excited to find this tutorial on how to make a tiered skirt. No pattern is needed, but you do have to dust off your math skills a bit.

Once I started making these, it was sort of like an addiction. I made two for each of my daughters and helped a college girl make one for herself. And every once in a while, the urge hits again and I have to step away from the sewing machine. 🙂 No really, my daughter loves the drama inherent in these skirts, and I think they’re adorable too. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m starting another one…..

By the way, I got all the fabric for these two skirts at Hobby Lobby. I’ve learned that the 40% off coupon they run every-other week on their website is my friend. You can use it on fabric purchases.


3 Responses to “Twirly Skirts”

  1. […] think, now, that whenever I make an adorable twirly skirt, I’m going to have to make a matching headband to go along with […]

  2. […] twirly skirts are easy to make. Click on this link for a previous post I wrote about them and a link to the tutorial. Also, I made Rosie a matching headband. Click here for my previous post on those, with some […]

  3. […] I’ve mentioned before how much I love to make twirly skirts. These are for two special young friends of mine–an 8-year-old and a 10-year-old. I hope they like them! […]

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