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Sleeping Bag Sack July 5, 2010

Filed under: kids' stuff — faithandfamily @ 8:58 pm

I sew more often for my girls because girl clothes are so much fun to make, but I realized when I made this how much it means to my little guy when I make things for him.

Little Man was so excited about this sleeping bag sack. My kids’ sleeping bags came in cheap, plasticy sacks that were cracking open, so I decided they needed something more durable. I’ll try to describe how I made these. (Note: You will need to dust the cobwebs in your brain off some of the terms you learned in 10th grade geometry, like “pi”, and “circumference.”)

I started with a circle that forms the bottom of the bag. I used the old, plasticy sack as a reference. Once I decided the radius (distance from the center to the edge) of the circle I needed, I actually used a compass to draw mine on the fabric with a water-soluble fabric marker. (Remember to add a seam allowance around the entire circle.) This circle will form the bottom of the bag.

Next, I made the body of the sack. Think of it as a rectangle that will be sewn into a tube and onto the circle of fabric. In order to determine the width of the rectangle that will form the tube, you need to determine the circumference of your circle. This is where geometry comes in again: The circumference= the diameter of the circle (measurement from side to side, through the middle) times pi (3.14). That gives you your width measurement. To determine the height of the tube, measure the height of your sleeping bag, plus add extra room for seam allowances on the top and bottom, and I also added extra wiggle room.

Alright…I think you’ve got the basic idea. Sew the tube, and then sew the tube to the bottom circle. Make a casing at the top for your cord, slide your cord through the casing, and cinch the string with a cord lock. Then make the handle or shoulder strap. Voila! My bud was really excited about this and kept pretending he was going camping, taking the bag out and then (needing help!) putting the bag back inside the sack. Good times….

UPDATE: A friend wanted to make one of these, so I measured by son’s sack and can provide you with the approximate measurements I used: The tube or body of the sack was a rectangle about 32″ wide and 20″ tall. The diameter of the circle was about 11″. The handle was a rectangle approximately 17″x 4″ before I sewed the long sides together, tucked the ends under, and sewed it onto the sack. Hope this helps!


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