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Aprons July 9, 2010

Filed under: around the home,kids' stuff — faithandfamily @ 1:37 am

I made these aprons quite a while ago. Actually, I’m thinkin’ that Little Man is outgrowing his and that I should make him a new one soon. Anyway, my kiddos love wearing their aprons. It makes helping Mom in the kitchen even more fun. And, really, I probably feel a little more cheery in the kitchen when I have a fun, pretty apron on.

I made Little Man’s apron without a pattern. I used a Lowe’s kids’ workshop apron as sort of a rough guide and then just winged it. I used McCall’s 5720 for mine and my daughter’s aprons. (Yes, the pattern is for matching mom/daughter aprons. And there are 3 styles to choose from in the same pattern.)


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