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Two New Quilts August 21, 2010

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About a month ago, some good friends of ours who live in Thailand visited us. Their almost-six-year-old had with him his favorite blanket–a quilt I had made for him when he was a baby! His parents said that it’s still his favorite. Well, I was really moved by the fact that the quilt I had lovingly made was being loved so well. So…I decided to make a couple more for two of his siblings, in the hopes that they will convey love in the same way the original quilt did. Both of these quilts are ones I had started four years ago but had abandoned for various reasons.

Blankets are definitely a comfort object for me, and how much more comforting a warm, soft blanket is when you know it was made lovingly with you in mind!

Well, here is the first quilt I completed. This is for a 3-year-old boy. I had actually started this one for my own son about four years ago. I was really glad to finish it for another special little boy.

And this one is for an 8-year-old girl. When she stayed at our house, one night she was looking for a blanket and I handed her a quilt my husband’s aunt had made and thoughtlessly said, “Here. This is a good blanket.” And she said meaningfully, “It IS a good one!” I hope she’ll think this is a good one too!


One Response to “Two New Quilts”

  1. MMOM Says:

    You know how much I love a good log cabin, and this came out really nice! I just love the bright one with the blocks. Did you have a pattern for that one? Love the colors! I know the kids will love their gifts!

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