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Native American Costume October 28, 2010

Filed under: costumes,kids' stuff,Recycle/Repurpose — faithandfamily @ 2:49 pm

I am so proud of myself! My daughter has been set for months on dressing up as a Native American for Halloween. I really wanted to sew her a costume but had a hard time finding a good pattern or a good tutorial online. (I only buy patterns when they’re $1, and I hadn’t come across any sales.)  And I just didn’t have confidence that I could “wing it” and make something that I would be proud of.

Well, a month ago or so I was in a thrift store with my kids, and we came across this Pocahontas costume in my daughter’s size. I really didn’t love it, but my daughter did, and it fit her perfectly. I thought, “Oh well. It’s only a couple of dollars, and now I won’t have to stress about sewing a costume.”

But this costume really annoyed me. It wasn’t just the fact that I don’t care much for the Disney character. It was the costume itself, too. That whole fake bare arm with the arm band on it really bugged me. The more I thought about it, the more I really didn’t want my daughter to wear this costume. So….I came up with an idea that turned out to be pretty brilliant: I took this costume apart and used it as a pattern to make my own costume. It took me only a couple of hours to whip up after the kids went to bed, and the kids’ reactions in the morning were priceless! The fabric and ribbon cost me only about $10, thanks to a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby. Yay for me!!!!!!!

The moral of the story is: If you love the design of a garment but don’t like the fabric (or it’s too worn), don’t be afraid to take it apart and use it as a pattern.

You just might really love the end result!


4 Responses to “Native American Costume”

  1. MMOM Says:

    I am very proud of you! I can tell that Leah loves it! Very cute, modest, appropriate, etc. Good job, Mom! xoxooxoxxo

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