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New Purse November 15, 2010

Filed under: bags — faithandfamily @ 8:45 pm

About two years ago I was in need of a new purse and decided to make one, because I was really wanting one made out of fabric. So…I bought a pattern and fabric, cut it all out, and then had doubts about whether I was going to like it. In the meantime, I found a $5 fabric purse on clearance that I liked, had a baby, and switched to a diaper bag, so I never finished the project. Well, lately I’ve been finishing up some half-done sewing projects, and this was on the list.

I used Butterick 4944, view C, but I did make some alterations (or rather, some deletions!). The closure of this bag is really unusual. The tab closure is actually really long–it’s sewn into the bottom and is supposed to wrap all the way around the back of the bag, over the top, and then finally close with a magnet closure. I asked my sister-in-law for some advice, and she recommended that I just take the tab closure completely off and just leave the bag as it is without it. I think that was a brilliant idea. If I had it all to do again, I’d probably still leave the tab closure off, but I’d put a magnet snap in the main bag.

I think I like this bag. It’s bigger than I’m used to, but I like the soft corduroy fabric, and I think the shape is kinda neat.


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