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Whaddayaknow? December 18, 2010

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SewMamaSew hosts giveaway days a couple of times per year, and I always enjoy surfing the different blogs, seeing what they’re giving away, and crossing my fingers that I might win something cool. But, I’m just not the kind of person who ever wins giveaways. Well, as my dad would say, “Will wonders never cease?” I am so excited, because I did win something cool this time!!!!! I won a crocheted hat from Belle+Bee! Yay me!!!!! She was so generous and offered to customize whatever I want, but I had such a hard time picking that I told her to just surprise me.

I tried crocheting and knitting years ago and just So…I’m really excited that I won this giveaway. It’s something that I absolutely could not make myself, and “Belle+Bee” seems to ooze with creativity, so…..yeah! I’m excited!


One Response to “Whaddayaknow?”

  1. […] I received my prize today from the SewMamaSew giveaway! Belle and Bee offered to make a custom hat for me, but I couldn’t decide which of my kids should get one, so I told her to just surprise me. I wanted to make it easy on her, because she had to make my hat in just a few days in order to ship it out according to SewMamaSew’s giveaway requirements. Well…..she surprised me indeed. She made a hat for EACH of my kids!!!!!! I’m just stunned that she whipped these off in just a few days. The kiddos love them, and I love them too! Thank you, Becky! […]

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