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Paper, Tape, and Cardboard Are All You Need January 17, 2011

Filed under: little man's paper creations — faithandfamily @ 1:38 am

My 5-year-old little man loves to create stuff. My husband and I wondered why we even bothered buying Christmas presents this year when we watched him having so much fun making his own toys with all the empty boxes we had from online purchases. My son spends most of his free time at his desk cutting, coloring, folding, etc. My husband and I figure that he’s destined either to be an artist or some kind of engineer.

I’ve decided to start posting pictures of his recent creations here. I’ve been taking pictures of them, because most of his creations have to make their way to the trashcan at some point. There just isn’t room to keep most of them, but I’m hoping to keep the memory of them, at least. And I thought this blog might be a great place to display them too. So, without further ado, here are some of his recent creations!

Zurg suffering “death by monkeys,” as Andy would say….

Some sort of rifle…..

A gun that seems to have a rotating “shooter” and a dial…

It’s fun to watch creativity blooming in my own children.


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