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Lindsey’s Quilt March 23, 2011

Filed under: quilts — faithandfamily @ 8:02 pm

We have some very special friends who are missionaries to Thailand. I’ve made 3 of their 4 kids a quilt, and I just recently finished the fourth one.

This is one side….

This is the other side….

And here’s a close-up of that scrappy side with the fraying seams showing. I meant to take pictures of the process and write a tutorial, but I’m just way too impatient of a seamstress to do that. Maybe someday I’ll sit down and do it, because it’s a super-easy way to start making quilts.


One Response to “Lindsey’s Quilt”

  1. MMOM Says:

    Nice job! She will love the cuddliness of it. You are a sweet friend to do this for the kids. What a treasure to take back with them.

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