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Beach Towel Dress #2 June 14, 2011

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In my last post I showed you the beach towel dress I made for my daughter. Well, here’s the one I made for myself!

I got this idea from Dana. Elastic thread is really fun to use and it’s simple as long as your tension is correct. Here’s a bit of basic info: When using elastic thread, you use it only in the bobbin. On the top, you’ll use regular thread. I sewed 30 lines or so (until the lines reached my natural waist), lining up the previous line along the edge of the presser foot. You’ll just have to play around with your tension. When I was reading about elastic thread, I noticed that a lot of people had to increase their tension to get the shirring they wanted. I had to decrease my tension quite a bit, especially in the bobbin. (And before this, I had no idea that my bobbin had a tension screw. See my previous post for info about that!) If you have any questions about making your own beach towel dress, leave me a comment, and I’ll try to help you out!

UPDATE: Ashley at Make it and Love It has a great new primer on sewing with elastic thread!


4 Responses to “Beach Towel Dress #2”

  1. Lauren Says:

    That is so cute, Addy! Just like you. You are quite the talented Momma.

  2. MMOM Says:

    What a cute cover up for the pool! wow! Cn hardly wait to see it in person. You are so brave to change tensions! Man, you’ve come along way, baby! 🙂

  3. Karen Says:

    so what size towel did you use? Width and length?

  4. Addy Says:

    Karen- I can’t say for sure, because I never measured it, but my guess is that it was about 56×29″ (the same as Dana’s.)

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