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(((((Barbie Sewing Machine))))) August 21, 2011

Filed under: kids' stuff — faithandfamily @ 5:32 pm

See those parenthesis around the title? Those are hugs, because I really, really like this little thing:

Yesterday I went to the yard sale of some acquaintances of mine. They had advertised the yard sale on their Facebook page, and when they mentioned that they were selling their daughter’s 80’s Barbie stuff, I knew I needed to drop by. I am sooo glad I did. I walked away about $25 poorer, but I snagged some really awesome Barbie stuff for my daughter: a picnic set, a doctor’s office, a “Skipper” doll, a jeep, some clothes, shoes, and little odds-and-ends galore. I realized that back in the 80’s Mattel used to make so many tiny accessories that are so much fun: tiny pop bottles, cups, plates, mirrors, etc. Among the awesomeness I collected yesterday, there was a wind-up mixer and this incredibly cool wind-up sewing machine. When you wind it up, the needle actually moves up and down, the handwheel turns, and it sounds a lot like a sewing machine. I love it!

Well, if you’ll excuse me now, I’m off to play Barbies!


One Response to “(((((Barbie Sewing Machine)))))”

  1. discodiva79 Says:

    Thanks for sharing, I too love Barbies. I have started collecting vintage Barbie and accessories and agree with you on the 80’s Mattel accessories. Recently I found the double coffer maker and just love it-I want to get them all before they are going going gone. I want my granddaughter to enjoy these things too!

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