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Simplicity Skirt 2226 January 29, 2012

Filed under: women's clothes — faithandfamily @ 9:13 pm

Back in November one of my favorite sewing bloggers hosted a skirt sew-along. She raved about the easy pattern, and the finished product did look really cute. So, I bought some fabric and the pattern, but I had to wait until after Christmas to make it, because I was busy making Christmas presents.

A few weeks ago I finally made my skirt. I did really like the easy pattern, and I hope to try it again, but my first attempt just didn’t work out.

First of all, I used wool. I did wonder whether wool would be a bad choice for a skirt that has gathers, since wool gathers would add a lot of bulk, but the pattern envelope mentioned wool as one of the recommended fabrics, and I really wanted a winter skirt, so I went for it. It was probably a bad move, because it did create some extra bulk. In the front it doesn’t look too bad, but…..

I measured myself carefully, but, as always, the skirt was going to be too big without some modifications. I wear an 8 in store-bought clothes, and when I measured myself I figured I would need to cut out a size 14 in the pattern. Next time I’ll try a 12 or maybe even a 10. (What am I doing wrong? I used to make everything too small, and now I tend to make everything too big.) Instead of taking off the whole waistband and bringing in the sides, I decided it would be much easier to bring it in at the very back before putting in the zipper. I was able to pinch about 2 inches of fabric, so, allowing for the seam, I took the back in about 1 1/2 extra inches. It seemed like a great solution, and when I tried it on, it fit really comfortably.

But when I went to show it to my husband, he said something along the lines of, “You’ve made a lot of really cool things, Honey, but that’s just not going to work.” He used the word “bulbous” to describe the poofy rear end of the skirt. It was hard for me to see the problem. I kept turning around, looking in the mirror, doubting that it was really that bad. I told my friend about it, and I tried it on for her, and as soon as I walked out of the bathroom and turned around, she burst out laughing and said something along the lines of, “Dan’s right. That’s just awful!”

Even when I look at these pictures (the second one is probably the worst), it doesn’t look all that terrible to me, but I trust my dear husband and my dear friend who won’t let me leave the house looking silly. So, thanks, Dan and Kelley, for keeping me from embarrassing myself. I’ll try this pattern again, probably in the summer with a lighter weight fabric, and two sizes smaller. I’ll be sure to report how it goes!


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