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New Valance February 29, 2012

Filed under: around the home — faithandfamily @ 2:44 am

First of all, did you know that JoAnn Fabrics (at least the one near us) will take a Hobby Lobby 40% coupon and stack it on top of a JoAnn’s 20% off coupon to give you 60% off one item? This is valuable information, indeed. I had a very successful shopping trip last Saturday with all my JoAnn coupons, plus the Hobby Lobby one a nice customer in the store shared with me!

Also, JoAnn finally has Star Wars fabric. This makes my son extremely happy.

I found some decorator fabric on the clearance aisle that I really liked. It kind of matches my whole house, so I knew I could use it just about anywhere. However, I decided to use it in the room in my house that doesn’t match anything. I made a valance for the window in our school room. I’ve hated the old valance since the day I hung it. The problem is….I chose a very vibrant, alive color for our school room, and since we’ve painted it, I’ve never found a fabric that I like that actually goes with it. So….here’s my new valance.

So…it still doesn’t match the room, right? But you should’ve seen the old valance. This is an improvement.

We probably just need to repaint the walls. 🙂


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