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Bunk Bed Organizer How-To March 4, 2012

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A friend read my posts about the bunk bed organizers (here and here) and wants to make one for her son, but she emailed me saying, “I don’t know where to begin.” So…. I’ll try to provide some more information here.

First, I took my tape measure and I measured from the back middle of the rail (This is the top of the rectangle I’m going to make, and it is where my first piece of velcro will go), and around the top.

Then I folded the tape up, just before it hit the mattress and pulled the tape measure up to where I thought I’d like my pocket to end. The measurement I got was 23″. This is the length measurement for my organizer, but I’ll add 1/2 inch for a seam allowance (sewing 1/4″ seams), so my final length measurement is 23 1/2 inches. By the way, my son’s bunk bed has shorter rails, so his length measurement was 15 1/2 inches.

This picture is a little wonky, because I’m holding the camera and the tape measure; I would normally use two hands to hold the tape measure. Next I measured how wide I wanted my organizer to be, and I figured that 23″ looked good, so I ended up determining that my final cutting length and width would be 23 1/2″ x 23 1/2″. (My son’s was 15 1/2″ x 15 1/2 “. I’m not sure if a square is always the right choice, but it worked out well for both the organizers I made.

So, I cut two squares 23 1/2″ x 23 1/2” out of my fabric, and I cut 1 square of the same size out of batting. I put the right sides together on the two pieces of fabric, put the batting on top, pinned all three layers together, and then sewed almost all the way around the square, leaving a few inches open for turning. Then I turned my fabric sandwich right sides out and top-stitched all the way around the square.

Then I took my square to the bunk bed and wrapped it around the railing, the same way I had wrapped my tape measure around the railing, to determine where I needed to sew the velcro on. I put a pin in the spots where I wanted to sew the velcro. I cut a long strip of velcro that would span almost the entire width of the organizer, and I sewed it on. Then I went back to the bunk bed, wrapped the top of the organizer around the railing, and folded up the bottom to determine where to sew the pockets. I pinned it in place. Then I drew lines on the tops of the pockets to determine where to sew lines for the pocket dividers. My daughter’s organizer was wider, so I made 3 pockets on hers, while I made only 2 on my son’s. Then, I top-stitched the pockets on both ends and anywhere I wanted to divide them, and my organizer was done!

Here’s the finished front and back. You can see the black velcro on the 2nd picture.

And here they are, hung on the beds. If this still doesn’t make sense and you’d like a full tutorial, perhaps I could manage that…. Just let me know!


2 Responses to “Bunk Bed Organizer How-To”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    These remind me a little of those tiny shelves we had in the dorms for the few things that were ours. How important it can be to have a tidy place for things that matter to us.

  2. a. judy Says:

    addy, i love these organizers more and more each time i look at them. they are amazing.i’m sure the kids love them too. (wish i had a bunk bed…..) just kidding. love aunt judy

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