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Maternity Skirt to Girl’s Skirt March 29, 2012

Filed under: girls' clothes,Recycle/Repurpose — faithandfamily @ 7:57 pm

Recently I was going through my old maternity clothes, figuring it was time to find a new home for some of them while they’re still somewhat in style. I found a white eyelet skirt that I had loved wearing, and it dawned on me that I could probably turn it into a skirt for my 8-year-old.

I cut several inches off the top of the skirt in order to remove the maternity panel, and then I folded the top down in order to create a casing for a 1-inch piece of elastic.

My daughter loves it. She’s been wishing for something like it. After she tried it on for me and modeled for a few pictures, I said, “Ok, you can go change back into your pants now.” And she answered, “Do you mind if I just keep it on?” There’s no greater affirmation of my sewing success than a comment like that!


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