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*Squeal!* (My Labels are Here!) March 30, 2012

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I’ve had clothing labels on my wishlist for a while now, but I’ve never been able to justify spending money on something that seems so superfluous for me (since I never make money on my sewing.) When Ashley from Make-It-And-Love-It posted about her labels, I kept her post in the back of my mind, thinking that someday I would order some.

Well, fast-forward a year, and I sold a bunch of baby stuff at a consignment sale this February. I made about $75, and after the sale I started thinking about what I might spend my earnings on. Suddenly I thought of the labels and remembered that they cost $70 for 300 labels. So…I got to work researching, making sure those were the ones I really wanted, and then I put in my order.

I ended up ordering the same type of label that Ashley ordered. (I am definitely a copycat and not an originator!) I chose a loop-folded label, 1.5″ wide x .5″ tall. These labels are completely customizable, as far as design, size, etc. This was a bit scary to me, because I have absolutely no design experience and am a better critic than creator, but all I really wanted was a pretty font (I chose Miama, fyi) and the ability to choose colors, so I figured I could handle that. And since my brother-in-law is a graphic designer, I knew he could bail me out if I got in too deep.

The people at World Wide Label were great to work with and we went back and forth with emails several times to make sure I was getting what I wanted. The wait time is quite long–it took about 3 weeks for the label to be ready once I had signed off on the design, and then shipping took a couple of weeks too (from Hong Kong.) But I’m so excited to have my labels in hand, and they look so much prettier in person than they did when the company sent me a picture via email. I can’t wait to sew them into everything I make!


4 Responses to “*Squeal!* (My Labels are Here!)”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Addy, those are beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you first make with them. Are you going to start selling things?

  2. Thanks, Eliz! I don’t really have plans to sell things. I stay busy making stuff for me and for gifts. I don’t think I have the time it would take to keep up inventory and then run an Etsy shop. I might take orders someday, but for now I’m directing everybody to my friend Kelley, who has a facebook page called Sweet Afton. I taught her how to sew, and now she’s using her earnings to save for a trip to France to visit a mutual friend of ours.

  3. Terrie Says:

    Love them! That’s so cool–I would never have thought of labels for what I make. You are so productive you will like go through those in no time!

  4. Lacey Cummings Says:

    That’s the cherry on top! Love it!

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