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Summer Purse May 10, 2012

Filed under: bags — faithandfamily @ 6:33 pm

I made myself a fun new summer purse. I used a pattern that my sister-in-law created when she was raising money for their first adoption. It’s a great pattern, and unfortunately my photos don’t do it justice. (I did make the flap a bit too long…) The pattern for the bag is not available to others; however, my friend Kelley, who has a shop called Sweet Afton has permission to make bags using this pattern, and she does a great job. I know that the readers of this blog are, generally, I-want-to-sew-it-myself kinda people, but if you’re interested in letting someone else do the work and having a beautiful, custom-made bag for a reasonable price, head on over to Sweet Afton! She has other designs available too, and she makes lots of other handmade goodness if you’re interested in something other than a bag.

(Still lovin’ my labels!)


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