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Susan (Narnia) Costume October 22, 2012

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My daughter loves all things Narnia, and Queen Susan is her favorite character. When she told me she wanted to be Susan for Halloween/ our church’s Fall Festival, I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, but I was determined to explore the possibilities and see if I might be able to come up with something. We ended up using this dress as our inspiration:

And here is our version:

It’s a little different from Susan’s dress in the movie, but it’s pretty close. And I forgot to take a picture of my daughter with her quiver that she wears across her body, which I think adds to the “Susan effect.”

I was pretty proud of myself, because I didn’t use a pattern, and instead traced the bodice of one of my daughter’s dresses and then improvised the skirt part based on some directions I had seen online for making a medieval dress. Here are the directions, fyi. So, I made a very high-waisted bodice, and then the main front and back of the skirt were basically a big rectangle, and then I sewed the triangular shapes into the sides, adding the loops too, for the lacing. I used a zipper in the back too, so that it could be more fitted and wouldn’t have to go over her head. I hope this makes sense….

Anyway, I’m really happy with this dress, and my daughter is too. Every year I tell myself that I am NOT sewing costumes this year–that we have plenty of dress-up clothes in the dress up bins already. But every year I find such satisfaction in working with my children’s ideas and seeing their excitement over something I lovingly made for them. It might just be a tradition that I wouldn’t dare stop.


6 Responses to “Susan (Narnia) Costume”

  1. Addy, this looks great. Every time I see one of your creations, I’m inspird to try something new.

  2. a judy Says:

    sigh.i wish i was queen susan for the fall festival. i love that dress. you did such a great job:)

  3. […] Click here to see the post I wrote about the Susan dress. […]

  4. Sandy Jordan Says:

    Its beautiful! The link for the directions isn’t working. Any chance you would send me the pattern?

    • Sorry, Sandy. It isn’t working for me either, and I don’t believe I kept a copy. Sorry about that. If you search for a tutorial on making a medieval dress, you may be able to find something. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

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