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Halloween Costumes October 30, 2012

Filed under: costumes — faithandfamily @ 1:34 pm

Here are our family Halloween costumes this year! (Hubby chose to go as himself this year….)

Susan Pevensie from Narnia, Squanto the Indian, Princess J, and Jessie.

Click here to see the post I wrote about the Susan dress.

Click here to read about the Indian costume.

Click here to read about the princess dress. I made it last year for my then-7-y-o, and I just temporarily hemmed it up about 10 inches this year, because my 3 y-o REALLY wanted to wear it.

For the Jessie outfit, I used this idea, but I made several changes: I used felt for the yellow parts instead of fabric and heat-n-bond, and I used a tube of fabric paint for the red detail on the shirt. And, yes, I used red hairspray to make my hair red!


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