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Christmas Quilts January 1, 2013

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My sewing over the last few months has been going toward two quilts for two of my brothers for Christmas.

My oldest brother, T, had told me last summer that he wished he could turn all his old, special t-shirts into a quilt, and I told him I’d be glad to do it for him for Christmas. So, I took his prized t-shirts with me in August, and the months of waiting made us both really anticipate him opening this special gift. I don’t know the stories behind all these shirts, but I do know that one involves his first date with his wife, and he’s had at least one of the shirts since high school. (He’s 34.)


He told me that when he was opening it, his heart was pounding and he was fighting tears.


I’m so glad I could make something for him that would be so meaningful.

I also made my youngest brother, J, a quilt. I used a jelly roll with batiks, and I really like how it turned out.



One Response to “Christmas Quilts”

  1. aunt judy Says:

    hi addy, i love the quilts you made. what a wonderful labor of love. i have made remembrance quilts for people using knit clothing, so i know how labor-intense those are. love the colors in the jelly roll quilt, too. Good job! love a judy

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