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Indian Costume #5 March 31, 2013

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Well, if there’s one thing I’m good for, it’s making American-Indian costumes for my kids and their cousins. I suppose on my tombstone someday the epitaph might say something like, “She was a great maker of American-Indian costumes for her beloved family.” It all started a few years ago when my oldest daughter really wanted to be an Indian for Halloween. And since that costume went so well, and because my kids and their cousins love to play dress-up, last year for my niece’s birthday, I made her a similar costume. And then this past October, one of my nephews said, “Will you please make me an Indian costume for my birthday?” So, Aunt Addy did her best and managed to draft a pattern and come up with a boy’s American-Indian costume. And then when my son saw it, he wanted one too, so he got a matching one. And then, most recently, my other nephew said, “Aunt Addy, will you make me a costume too?” So, he got his AddyMade Indian costume yesterday for his birthday.


All the cousins wore their costumes both yesterday and today and have been having an awesome time in their imaginary world of teepees and pow-wows. And Great-Grandpa was having so much fun watching the little papooses play that he gave me a wad of cash to buy them all moccasins to wear. Those will be a nice treat when they come in the mail in a week or so.



8 Responses to “Indian Costume #5”

  1. The kids look great. The next project should be a teepee.

  2. Kelley Says:

    I love these! 🙂 What’s Jen wearing?

  3. She’s actually wearing big sis’s outgrown costume. A friend had given me a very plain, bigger costume, and I embellished it for L. I’ll have to show you sometime.

  4. Terrie Says:

    How awesome these are! What grand memories your children and their cousins will have of their costumes! And I’m with Margaret–your next project needs to be a teepee.

    • Tracey Flanagan Says:

      I want to buy one! I have an 11 year old son who is obsessed with Native American Indians!
      Can you make one for me??? Tracey 407 927 3845

  5. Addy Says:

    I hadn’t thought about making them to sell. I’ll consider it. How much would you be willing to pay for a handmade costume?

  6. Kathy Says:

    My granddaughter wants an Indian costume for school. If you would not mind sharing,
    What patterned did you use and where did you buy the trim? Yours is beautiful, great job!

  7. Hi Kathy! Thanks for reading! If you’ll look up in the body of the blog post, I have links (look for the brown highlighting) that show how I made the individual costumes. I got some of my trim at Hobby Lobby and some at Hancock Fabrics.

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