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Quilt for My Youngest September 21, 2014

Filed under: quilts — faithandfamily @ 8:00 pm

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Partly because my sewing machine hasn’t been too active, and partly because I’ve just neglected to post about some of my most recent projects.

I am so proud of this quilt I made for my youngest daughter.

IMG_1150 IMG_1151 IMG_1152 IMG_1153

I decided to go with the color scheme of orange, pink, yellow, turquoise, and lime green, and then I went to my stash and tried to use up scraps from other projects. This quilt took a lot of fabric, so I ended up having to buy several fabrics to get the amount I needed. But it is neat that there are so many scrap pieces in it that remind me of other projects I’ve made.

I used this tutorial for my quilt blocks, although I made them bigger. I decided I needed a sashing around the blocks to really define the blocks, but the quilt blocks were so big that I used a very skinny sashing to avoid adding a lot of length or width to the quilt.

For the actual quilting, I love the hearts that I made. I learned how to make the hearts using Leah Day’s online tutorial. Instead of outlining the hearts 3x though, I liked the look of two outlines. I tell my daughter that each heart I stitched means “I love you,” so there are countless “I love yous” woven into this quilt!


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