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About May 28, 2010

I am a home-schooling mama who enjoys a little sewing diversion now and then. I love being inspired by others’ creations and decided to make a spot where I can share my own little handmade goodies.

I have another blog at where I talk about my faith in Christ and how that affects my motherhood.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. MMOM Says:

    Hi, Addy! Terrific site! I love it! Love the twirly skirts and your summer skirt. Look great! Keep up the great sewing! Love ya!

  2. Jessica Devine Says:

    Addy, we make all the same things: aprons, baby gifts, hooded towels, purses, quilts, etc. I am addicted to free motion quilting too. We should get together to work on some projects. Love the blog and “sew” glad we chatted over Nutcracker costumes!

  3. Yes, I had no idea we had this same hobby! So glad we got to figure that out today! 🙂

  4. Susan Says:

    Hi Addy,
    I just read about your Janome 3160 sewing machine during my search for reviews. I am wondering if it is still performing for you? Have you had any problems with jamming in the bobbin case?

  5. It’s still working great. I love it. The only thing I wasn’t impressed with is how hard it had to work to get over thick seams (like when I was making a wool skirt), but I bought a walking foot, and that thing is a tank that will roll over anything. I do clothes, bags, and quilts, and it works great. I’m still very pleased.

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