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Valentine Boxes February 13, 2012

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We have a Valentine party tomorrow for our homeschool group, and there is a contest for Valentine boxes. I think my kids did a great job!

My son’s idea was to make a Darth Vader Valentine box. He asked me to search for an idea on the internet, and I had very little faith that there was anything out there, but I was wrong. We found this post, which was our inspiration. The main body for our Darth is a Bisquick box painted black. We used black construction paper for the cape, helmet and belt, I found some HVAC foil tape in the garage, and we used some paint to add button details.

My daughter didn’t have any ideas to begin with, so I suggested she make a monster mouth with an empty kleenex box.  I was thinking of a colorful rectangle with teeth. But she had the idea of gluing a paper plate to the top to make a human face. We found some foam balls in my craft stash and used yarn for hair.

I think both these boxes are adorable. I love to see my kids creating. Unfortunately, they’ve hit a phase where they doubt their abilities, want to scribble things out and start over or quit, etc. They no longer admire their own work but instead compare it to “what Darth Vader really looks like” or “what a real girl looks like.” There’s a great art studio in town that I’ve got my eye on. I’m planning on enrolling the kids next school year and I hope that the inspiring teachers will be able to instill some confidence in my kids, because I think their artwork is wonderful, and I want to see them developing their abilities rather than doubting themselves so much. Despite what I’ve said, the kids did end up being proud of these creations.

We made Valentines too.

Originally, my son was going to draw Yoda for his Valentines, but when he finished his Yoda, he was afraid people would make fun of it, and I thought that was a valid concern, so we found an image online, instead, and he wrote the message himself. I ended up drawing the owl for my daughter because she was discouraged and didn’t think she could draw it herself. So…..the Valentines weren’t as kid-made as I had hoped they would be, but, still, we worked together and made them together. And, to me, that’s what makes these contests and holiday celebrations so special.

P.S. Yes, my daughter misspelled “always,” but I didn’t want to discourage her further, so we’ll just work on that spelling lesson another day. 🙂

Update: Daughter ended up winning the box contest for the girls. 🙂


Free Valentine Printables February 10, 2011

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I was looking online for some Valentine ideas to make with my kiddos, and I came across this great resource:

35 Printable Valentines

I’m making the pirate valentines with my son and these lollipop lilies with my daughter. Neither one is too time consuming, which was definitely an important consideration for me!


They’re all finished, and they turned out great. I especially love these little pirates. So cute!